Satellite Suitcase keeps on you track

Satellite Suitcase keeps on you track


image_31537_largeimagefile Satellite Suitcase keeps on you trackThis is the Satellite Suitcase, a portable navigation system that you’ll appreciate for its functionality. Inside that case are all the makings of a portable satellite. First and foremost is the dual-voltage satellite receiver, which conveniently has a remote control and is tied directly in to the satellite locator.

Most impressive for travelers, however, is the mobile antenna, which you can hook up and keep hooked up even while the suitcase is moving—say, while you’re driving a car. That’s right, you can drive down the road while using this suitcase to locate and receive satellite signals.

The device is being marketed as a portable satellite television option, and we suppose that many people will see it as such, especially since the manufacturers want us to know that the receiver can pull in BBC1, BBC2, and ITV. However, the possibility of using the suitcase to find their way when lost will likely be a powerful draw for many people wanting to be like bond.

This website has the Satellite Suitcase for just US$152.

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