JVC releases pair of compact hi-fi systems with 512MB memory


image_31692_largeimagefile JVC releases pair of compact hi-fi systems with 512MB memoryHere’s some more juicy goodness that we likely won’t be seeing around these parts any time soon (if ever). JVC is getting ready to sell a couple of compact Hi-Fi stereos to the Japanese public under their “Victor” brand — the RD-M2 and Lip-Lap UX-QM7 — both of which will be sporting 512MB of on-board memory for storing your tunes (not a lot, I know).

As can only be expected with stereo systems such as these, they both rock the usual CD and MD (yes, minidisks are still alive and actually quite popular in the Far East) playing abilities as well. Music files can be uploaded to the internal memory by making use of the USB port found on the front of the units, allowing you to send over your tunes from an MP3 player, flash drive, or what-have-you.

Other than that, you can expect stylish blue backlighting, the standard battery of AM/FM radio, and not much else. No word on pricing.

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