Wake up, purify the air with new USB-powered device


We know that you live, eat, and sleep next to your computer, and it’s always on (checking out Mobile Magazine, of course), so why not keep the air around your nice and fresh while you’re at it? This strange round device serves two purposes: it’ll wake you up in the morning as an alarm clock, and it will also act as an air purifier. The “LED party lights” are pretty darn nifty as well, giving this otherwise non-descript ball a little touch of personality.

Powered via your computer’s USB port, this air purifier-alarm clock combo is actually quite effective, as evidenced by the video found on the bottom of this post. A small cube is filled with noxious smoke, but this gadget makes short work of it (well, not that short, it takes about five minutes).

Go on, pick one up from USBGeek for 32 bucks and breathe a little easier.

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