Survey: women want high tech more than shoes, clothes, jewelry

Survey: women want high tech more than shoes, clothes, jewelry


Guys and gals, listen up. That gal in your life might say she likes diamonds and dresses, but we have the stats to prove otherwise. We have results from a survey that shows women choosing high tech over high fashion, gadgets over glitter.

A recent poll done by the Oxygen Network (which counts women overwhelmingly in its viewership and programming decisions) found some interesting attitudes toward gadgets and high tech. For example, more than three out of four women said they would rather have a plasma TV than a diamond solitaire necklace. A similar result came when the women were asked whether they preferred a pair of designer shoes to a top-of-the-line mobile phone.

This poll would seem to confirm something that we have known for some time: that women are just as interested in all things high-tech as men. It’s the marketing companies and advertisers who haven’t caught up yet.

The survey also revealed gender-based differences in how women are viewed as being able to fix technical problems or operate technical devices. Women, much more so than men, believed that they had such skills and know-how.

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