An eye in the windshield: the TruScene in-car camera


image_31898_largeimagefile An eye in the windshield: the TruScene in-car cameraNow this is taking auto security to a whole new level. In fact, this borders on vigilantism.

The TruScene TS-1L is an in-car camera that is always on, recording 30-second loops of footage that is designed to show you just who is tampering with your vehicle. If nothing happens during a loop, then that loop is deleted and the camera is on to the next half-minute. If something monumental or even small-time happens to your vehicle, the camera saves that recording, targets it with an encryption code, and stores it in the company’s database, digital watermark and all.

You can mount this camera on the front or rear of your favorite vehicle. Conceivably, you could do both, although sticker shock might get you at that point. This handy device goes for US$1,000.

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