When the bikini beeps, get out of the sun

image_31990_largeimagefile When the bikini beeps, get out of the sunNow you can lie out in the sun all you want and not worry about getting burned—as long as you listen to your bikini.

A Canadian company has invented a bikini that has a belt alarm that beeps when it’s time to head for the shade. The alarm has a meter that displays a level of UV intensity from 0 to 20. You can set the alarm yourself, based on your skin type and sun sensitivity.

Most people have a sensitivity of 3 to 7. Those who shouldn’t stay out too long measure up at 8 to 10. If you have a score of 11 or higher, you probably should wear this bikini only indoors.

The company, Solestrom, is selling these bikinis for US$190.

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