Kanguru Flash Drive Max: huge memory, big price tag

image_31992_largeimagefile Kanguru Flash Drive Max: huge memory, big price tagYou’d expect a peripheral to cost more than the main device if that peripheral is a wall-eating hi-def monitor for your heavy-duty PC. But a flash drive?

Well, the Kanguru marketing department is working overtime to sell you on the benefits of their tiny yet palatially spacious Flash Drive Max, which is a memory stick that can store the entire phone book of California, just for starters.

The junior version gives you only 16GB of space. The top-of-the-line model gets you 64GB. All are equipped to read at 9MB/s and write at 5MB/s. So you can take your work with you (on vacation no less), even if you’re working with files large enough to break a puny PC.

Prices start at US$745.

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