JEEP flash drives: plug, play…and write, too

JEEP flash drives: plug, play…and write, too


image_31985_largeimagefile JEEP flash drives: plug, play...and write, tooFrom the good folks at JEEP come two fun new USB flash drives, one more deceptive than the other.

The more normal-looking one is a memory stick look-alike that has the JEEP logo on it. It’s covered with rugged-looking designs and comes in 256MB and 512MB varieties. Click here for more info.

The more exotic, spy-like drive looks like and, actually, is an ink pen. Unscrew the barrel, however, and you’ll find a pretty normal flash drive inside. You can get one of these in either a 128MB or a 512MB size. Check it out here.

One last note: You don’t have to drive a Jeep to use either of these products, but they might help you remember where you left your keys.

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