Google Vision Concept rolls up maps, digicam, GPS, wireless internet


image_31945_largeimagefile Google Vision Concept rolls up maps, digicam, GPS, wireless internetYeah, I know, it’s still in the concept stages at this point and it doesn’t have any official backing from the internet giant, but this sure is one handy looking invention. Designed by Callum Peden of the United Kingdom, the “Google Vision” device is meant to allow you take full GPS functionality with you in an ultra-portable form factor. The retractable LCD screen is probably the most attractive feature found on this yet to be created gadget.

The concept calls for an integrated digital camera as well, allowing you to take a snapshot of just about anything and automatically map it (it’ll record where you took the picture). This way, there’s no second guessing whether that was a picture of you hanging out with Mickey at Disneyland in California or at Disneyworld in Florida.

But wait, there’s more. He hopes to include wireless internet as well, allowing for a near instant download of pertinent information (location-based data). A virtual tour guide, if you will.

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