The Transporter Wi-Fi audio player for the high-end set

The Transporter Wi-Fi audio player for the high-end set


image_32083_largeimagefile The Transporter Wi-Fi audio player for the high-end setWi-Fi music lovers, rejoice. The Transporter is for you.

It’s a music player for those who don’t like to lose anything in translation, such as quality. The Transporter—which is made by Slim Devices and comes with a hefty price tag of US$1,999— is for audiophiles who encode their music in Flac or Wav formats, the so-called “pure” formats. These folks will snub their noses at the MP3-, AAC-, and WMA-listening crowds and their compressed files, which can’t hope to measure up in sound quality.

The Transporter relies on its digital to analog converter (DAC) for top-quality audio, which the company boasts is better than the most expensive CD players.

In case you’re wondering, the company is the same one that makes the Squeezebox, the low-end model for the Wi-Fi crowd. Transporter, although made by the same folks, is something different altogether. You know, something more expensive.

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