Sony headset lends an ear (or two) to Bluetooth broadcasts


image_32149_largeimagefile Sony headset lends an ear (or two) to Bluetooth broadcastsSony’s stylish new headset does Bluetooth and then some.

It’s actually a pairing device, one that can broadcast the sound from a Bluetooth device to the trendy headphones that attach by wires to the main device. One-button shopping enables you to click right on over from music listening to talking on the phone.

The transmission is wireless, however. You can pair up a mobile phone, MP3 player, or any sound-based Bluetooth device. The headset does a limit of 8 distinct devices that can be paired before it starts erasing memory signatures in favor of new ones, but my guess is you won’t come close to that limit anyways.

The headset supports both HFP and HSP profiles. Pricing will be available shortly.

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