I O Data external HDD withstands 220 pounds of pressure


image_32117_largeimagefile I O Data external HDD withstands 220 pounds of pressureOkay, we can all klutzes sometimes, dropping the odd cell phone or computer peripheral onto the concrete. Typically, we can dust it off, shed a tear over the resulting scuff, and get on with our day. Sometimes though, the damage is so bad that our treasured electronic device is rendered useless. Not only can this be a pain in the ol’ derriere, it can create a lot of trouble if said device contains some rather pertinent data.

I O Data has just unleashed their super rugged external HDDs designed to take the worst of beatings, but still emerge out the other end unscathed, keeping your data safe. In fact, these new drives comply with Department of Defense standards for durability. That’s pretty darn tough, especially considering that it will survive up to 220 pounds of pressure. Sitting on it will do nothing.

Available in either black or silver, the I O Data durable external hard drives will be offered in 40GB, 80GB, and 120GB varieties.

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