De-FIB-ulator makes getting caught lying, fun

De-FIB-ulator makes getting caught lying, fun


image_32458_largeimagefile De-FIB-ulator makes getting caught lying, funEver want to know just when someone is lying to you? A handheld device might be able to help you.

It’s called the de-FIB-ulator, and it is part science, part parlor entertainment. Marketed as a digital lie detector, it works by charting differences in voice tension, just like a polygraph does. Study after study has found that when a person tells an untruth, his or her pulse and voice tension increase. The de-FIB-ulator tracks changes in voice tension and uses a fun digital image to show just how much of that voice tension there is.

First, you ask someone three yes or no questions that must be answered truthfully. While the answers are coming, use the de-FIB-ulator to measure the person’s normal voice tension. Then, ask another question. If the person lies, the device can notice the change in voice tension and display a devilish image on the screen. “Demonocchio” is a devil’s face and a growing nose; the higher the difference in voice tension, the longer the digital nose grows.

The manufacturer is quick to point out that this device is to be used for entertainment only, although it also claims that the device has been shown to have an accuracy rate of 65 percent.

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