R7 robot provides a different sort of walkabout


image_32520_largeimagefile R7 robot provides a different sort of walkaboutNot sure how many uses you can find for this one, but there it is all the same. It’s the R7, a walkable robot out of South Korea.

The seat you sit in is certainly plush, and the robot’s feet do all the work. The movement is supposed to be not too traumatic, so maybe you don’t need the helmet shown in the photo. After all, you’re not that far off the ground. Still, some sort of Star Wars reference should come to mind here.

The price on this little piece of portable transportation is a hefty US$5250. The company itself, Robot3, is known for the robots it makes “just for fun”, many others of which are shaped like animals. They do have one, however, which looks just like a woman.

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