Logitech Ultra Vision QuickCam with improved video, audio

Logitech Ultra Vision QuickCam with improved video, audio


image_32512_largeimagefile Logitech Ultra Vision QuickCam with improved video, audioLogitech’s new webcam promises to provide the company’s best video camera experience yet. It’s the Ultra Vision, the new entry in the award-winning QuickCam lineup.

The Ultra Vision takes the QuickCam line to a whole new level. The most notable addition is the low f-stop setting, allowing you to get more light into the webcam without sacrificing picture quality. The video sensor is 1.3 megapixels, one of the highest levels on the market. You can also film in high-definition format for viewing on that super-wide TV you or your friends have at home.

The webcam comes with a set of five extra-large lenses, more than one of which are made of glass, an improvement on the typical plastic lenses of other cameras. Don’t miss the “picture check” button as well, allowing you to preview your own look before you engage in a live video chat.

The audio capabilities have also been enhanced, with an improved microphone coupled with better acoustic echo-cancellation software, allowing you to have a video call without wearing a cumbersome headset.

Pricing on this is listed as US$129.99.

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