Verizon Wireless to satisfy sweet tooth with LG Chocolate phone

Tired of trying to import the GSM variant through grey market means? Well, LG’s Chocolate phone is about to be offered through an American CDMA service provider: Verizon Wireless has just announced that they will be adding the VX-8500 to their lineup.

The music-centric slider will most likely sport V CAST compatibility for loading up the tunes on the go. It almost seems fitting, given the black and red theme found on the chocolate and a similar scheme accompanying V CAST.

As far as what features this phone will sport (and which Verizon will be crippling, as they are known to do), nothing has been set in stone just yet, so we’ll just have to wait until the teaser page offers us a little more.

An earlier rumour hinted at an October launch, but more recent information seems to be pointing towards a release closer to August 7th launch. Stay tuned for more as it develops.

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