Sony doesn’t acknowledge false step, but does remove “racist” PSP billboards


image_32695_largeimagefile Sony doesn't acknowledge false step, but does remove "racist" PSP billboardsAn ad campaign that popped up in the Netherlands last week went under heavy fire for its apparent racist imaging. If you’ve visited any number of tech blogs in the past few days, you’ve surely seen the Sony billboard (pictured) depicting a dominant white woman holding the chin of a submissive black woman, meant to advertise the white variant of the PlayStation Portable.

Given the history of slavery and all that, online communities were in an uproar over the implied message. Well, it seems that Sony has finally given in, and will be withdrawing their “PSP White is coming” campaign, but they aren’t admitting they did anything wrong. They do apologize to anyone offended by the ad, but at the same time, they go on record saying that they “recognize that the subject matter of one specific image may have caused concern in some countries [USA] not directly affected by the advertising [in the Netherlands].”

In a sense, this means that they’re saying, “We are in the right, but if you guys are going to raise a fuss over something that doesn’t even concern you, then we’ll back off.”

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