330 mpg from the Aptera?


image_32738_largeimagefile 330 mpg from the Aptera?Is the fuel consumption of your vehicle getting you down? How does 330 miles per gallon sound? That’s the efficiency offered by the Aptera, a new hybrid concept car being produced by Accelerated Composites. The odd, space age looking three-wheeled vehicle is made of low-cost composites which will allow the price to stay under $20,000. The car will weigh just 850 pounds, is 173 inches long, and can hit 60 mph from a standstill in 11 seconds. It tops out at 95 mph, thanks to an electronic control. The car has two power sources under the hood – a 12 horsepower CARB certified diesel engine and a 25 horsepower DC motor. Regenerative braking provides power to the motor.

The concept is designed with a special focus on safety. It has a uniquely designed crashbox and in-seatbelt airbags. There are two seats in the car, so you and your friend can save fuel together. Now all we have to do is wait for all the oil to be consumed, and we may get something so efficient by our big 3.

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