Mobile audio editing powered by Linux, thanks to Trinity DAW

Professional podcasting is about to get a brand new toy for doing those “in the field” type broadcasts. Marketed as “the world’s first professional, portable recording studio”, the Trinity DAW will record audio with the best of them and allow for on the spot editing thanks to the included Audacity software.

Operating on Linux, this handheld audio recorder features a 6.5-inch display (presumably color, but I could be wrong), 128MB of RAM, a 20GB HDD, and a fanless design to “keep the noise down for even the quietest of audio recording sessions.” Measuring 9.5 x 6 x 1.85-inches, it’s not exactly DAP-sized but it should provide for better quality recordings. At least I’d hope so.

Other key features on the Trinity DAW include a pair of quarter-inch XLR inputs and the ability to handle phantom power. We’re expecting an October launch with the initial price set at $1000. In the meantime, I’d wait until I see some actual product shots (and not 3D renderings) before I drop that kind of coin.

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