LG has more chocolate on the way: KG99 slim candybar


image_32873_largeimagefile LG has more chocolate on the way: KG99 slim candybarWhen it comes to new cell phone designs these days, it seems you have to be supermodel anorexic skinny to be able to make it into the upper echelons of sales figures. LG, just as Motorola and Samsung before it, has embraced the slim mentality, but added on some incredibly popular designs to go with it.

To further satisfy your sweet tooth, the Korean electronics maker is set to come out with another Chocolate phone, this time opting for the ultraslim candybar form factor rather than the skinny slider. The KG99 is just 9.9mm thick (hence its name) and unorthodox keypad orientation, with the 0, *, and # placed on the far right.

Key features on the LG KG99 include a TFT LCD display, integrated music player, FM radio, Bluetooth, camera with flash, and a microSD expansion slot. No word on pricing or availability, but as this appears to be a tri-band GSM handset, it won’t be a Korea-only launch.

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