Toyota has another record month, quarter, half


The American car makers may be struggling to make their books balance, but the same certainly isn’t true for Toyota. The company had their biggest first half of the year in their entire 49 year history of selling cars in the U.S. In June the company sold a total of 223,018 vehicles, which was up 14.4% from a year earlier. That brings the total sales for the first six months of the year up to 1,223,542 cars sold. The second quarter was also an all-time record, with sales of 678,691 units.

Breaking it down by unit, 117,769 passenger cars were sold in June, a 21.7% increase. Toyota truck sales jumped 7.6%. Lexus cars also jumped substantially – up 23.6% to 15,842 units. The only black mark on the results was the Lexus SUV division, which only sold 11,844 units, a sizeable 10.4% drop from the same month last year.

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