Reuters releases beta of new mobile news service


image_33142_largeimagefile Reuters releases beta of new mobile news serviceNews junkies rejoice – it just got much easier to get your fix when you are out an about. Reuters is one of the best sources for the latest unfiltered news as it happens, and they have released a new beta version of their mobile news service. Reuters US Mobile is available for free just by pointing your mobile browser to it. You will get breaking news and business development, as well as all the sports, entertainment and whatever else you would want to know about the world. It also has stock market performance and stock information, accurate weather information, and airport delay information. It even support images as well, so you can see what’s going on, too.

No word on what the business model is for this service, but at this point the beta is completely free and has no ads in it at all. That makes it a pleasure to check out for now, anyway.

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