Locust Bike concept folds like an accordian

Another strange invention has popped up on the Yanko Design website for us to mull over. It’s not exactly an innovative means of transportation, but it is a fresh take on something we see every day. It can be a bit of a pain finding somewhere to stash your bicycle while out and about in the city, but the Locust Folding Bike concept allows you to stash it in the smallest of spaces. Just fold ‘er up.

The circular frame is certainly eye-catching (as is the green and yellow paintjob, but that can easily be changed to pink, if you prefer), and while the design is a little out there, it does come with some fairly standard features. The front wheel gets its stopping power from a disc brake, whereas the rear wheel gets a “clamshell” brake. Other key specs include a Shimano Nexus system and a belt system.

As with any Yanko Design concept, we don’t know if (and when) this bike will ever go into production.

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  1. RDaniels929 says:

    Where can I purchase one… Seriously!

  2. John says:

    Definitely put a link, its so much hard work to type Yanko in the address bar…..Forcing a multitude…..

  3. sunemangs says:

    why NOT post a link to their website, though? What's the point of forcing a multitude of visitors to search for a site when they HAVE the information?

  4. Blah says:

    Interesting bike. Something that I would like due to the fact that there a more people riding bikes in MN and no place to lock them up at times

  5. Goober says:

    Thank you for posting a link to the Yanko web site! Real fuckin considerate of you retarts.

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