Jabra Bluetooth for iPod coming in August


image_33331_largeimagefile Jabra Bluetooth for iPod coming in AugustSince Apple seems to be in no hurry to put Bluetooth in their iPods, Jabra is doing it for them. The Jabra A125s is a small adapter which just connects to the slot on your iPod and gives you instant Bluetooth. It will work on most iPods and Nanos. With it, you can listen to your music via Bluetooth headsets (which Jabra will also sell you – they suggest their BT620s model as the perfect companion) without having to worry about all the cords and the confusion they can cause. The adapter fits into a recharger which is also compatible with a headset, so you can charge both at once, or you can use a mini USB charging jack. With a single charge you can enjoy 10 hours of continuous listening, or up to 250 hours of standby.

The Jabra A125s will hit the stores in August at a cost of $75.

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