Ford going green with SUVs. Eventually.

image_33357_largeimagefile Ford going green with SUVs. Eventually.Ford is playing catch up with other car companies that are innovating faster than them. The company is preparing to go green with its Expeditions. They are apparently working on a more fuel-efficient model which will either feature a hybrid-drive engine or a European V8 diesel. That’s all good news. What raises the eyebrows a bit is that the vehicles aren’t likely to hit the market this decade. That means that the Chevy Tahoe and several other hybrid SUVs will have a head start of two or three years on the Expedition.

Of course, there’s another possibility. Since Ford is so far behind, and since the car business is such a mess, there is really a chance that Ford could actually buy the Two-Mode hybrid transmission technology from GM. That would dramatically cut down the time it would take Ford to get to market and it wouldn’t be the first time the two companies have cooperated. Ford needs to do something, because they have seen Expeditions fall by nearly 30% from May of 2005 to May of this year.

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