Entry-level 10 megapixel camera from Bell + Howell


image_33405_largeimagefile Entry-level 10 megapixel camera from Bell + HowellThe term “entry-level” is constantly shifting as to what that really entails, and it seems like Bell + Howell just bumped the megapixel count up a notch or three with their latest: a 10 megapixel “starter digicam”. And here I thought my five megapixel shooter was at least decent.

Don’t expect a huge drool list of features, however, as it doesn’t appear to have any optical zoom (please tell me I’m wrong) or any rechargeable batteries (it takes a pair of standard AAAs instead).

With a free tabletop tripod thrown into the package, Bell + Howell is only asking for $219 for ten megapixels of picture taking, goodness?

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