“Turnover” E-Reader concept is a real page turner

“Turnover” E-Reader concept is a real page turner


image_33469_largeimagefile "Turnover" E-Reader concept is a real page turnerOne of the most common complaints about e-paper is that it takes away from the tactile experience of turning a page when reading a book. Timothy Yeoh, however, has come up with the “Turnover” E-Reader concept that “humanizes” the experience of reading an electronic book or newspaper, and as a result lets you “lose yourself in any number of worlds.”

Seemingly designed for technophobes who want to eschew the complexities and un-intuitiveness of impersonal electronics, the “Turnover” – featured on Yanko Design’s nifty site – is basically two sheets of e-paper. When you turn the page, the next page automatically refreshes, “thereby stimulating [sic] a whole book or magazine with only two pages.”

While there are traditionalists out there that tell you to never dog-ear your books, the Turnover concept embraces the natural inclination to bend corners to keep track of progress. You can simply “bend the corner to toggle bookmarks on or off.”

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