Super-powered GPS tracking wristwatch

Personal tracking is all the rage these days. Just a few days ago, we told you about a device that lets you keep track of your kids via the satellites in the sky. Now you can have your own personal GPS tracking device in the form of a wristwatch.

Despite its retro looks, this is a powerful navigation device. The PT-200 can utilize both GPS and GSM positioning, and the GSM is tri-band so you can take it anywhere in the world and get a signal.

It’s a mobile phone, sort of. You can send out an SOS message with just one click of a button. You’ll have to preset a call-out number for that function, but that shouldn’t be too much trouble. You can also take a call from a preset number.

For those of us glad to have these emergency features but moreso interested in just plain tracking, there’s a lot to love. You can use a smartphone or any old mobile phone to track the PT-200. You can also set the tracking mode to continuous, so you can essentially follow the person wherever they go. (Somewhere, I see chase movie directors licking their lips.)

The battery is designed to stay with you for up to 50 hours. That’s more than two days for the signal to transmit and for you to get help if you’re really in trouble. It also comes in two distinct models, one more modern-looking than tht other.

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