T-DMB subscriber count in Korea hits seven figures


image_33813_largeimagefile T-DMB subscriber count in Korea hits seven figuresYeah, just rub it in our face. We here in North America feel so deprived when it comes to mobile phone technology. We’re still trying to catch up on the whole music phone craze, and you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a good selection of handsets with multi-megapixel cameras.

Meanwhile, over in Korea, they’re swimming in ultra-slim this, and 5-megapixel that. In fact, when it comes to mobile TV, as of June 15th, there are over one million T-DMB subscribers in Korea, despite the fact that the service only launched last December. They love their dramas.

T-DMB has received a big boost this past little while, thanks to the draw of the FIFA World Cup in Germany (where Korea is still in contention). The breakdown of the cool million goes as thus: 197k for KTF, 115k for LG Telecom, 12k for SK Telecom, and 682k DMB-only devices (typically with sub 3-inch screens).

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