Steve Jobs wants to sell movies for less than ten bucks

image_33869_largeimagefile Steve Jobs wants to sell movies for less than ten bucksFirst, Stevie Jobs and crew lobbied for the ability to sell all their songs on the iTunes Music Store for a penny short of a dollar. Then, they moved on to being able to peddle whole music albums for $9.99 and TV episodes for a buck-ninety-nine. The next frontier for the 99-cent price point appears to be movies, because Jobs is fighting hard to sell movie downloads for $9.99.

According to Reuters, movie studio execs have been approached by Jobs to work out that deal, which would allow Apple to pay studios a 70% wholesale rate and in turn sell the DRM’d movies for ten bucks less a penny. However, that offer seems to has been “flatly rejected,” with a $9.99 to $19.99 range being more likely.

But who’s going to pay twenty bucks for a QVGA (or even VGA) download that can only be viewed on a computer monitor or squinted at with the next-gen iPod Video? Not me.

Michael Kwan

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