Logic 3 i-Station8 – another nice iPod docking station


image_33939_largeimagefile Logic 3 i-Station8 - another nice iPod docking stationAnother day, another iPod docking station. This time it’s the i-Station8 from Logic 3, and as standard docking stations go, this one is pretty nice. Like every docking station it will take any iPod with a 30 pin connector and it charges the iPod as it plays via the AC adapter or, in a pinch, four AA batteries for mobility. The sound promises to be fairly good, owing to the active sub-woofer with passive bass radiator and the eight 2 watt speakers which are strategically placed to optimally make your ears bleed.

The i-Station can be seen and not just heard, too. It has S-Video and Composite video outputs so you can watch pictures or video on your TV. You can even use it as an external speaker for your MP3 player, CD player, or even laptop or PC. It has a backlit LCD display for track information and a multi-function remote control. It is transportable – it folds up and has its own carrying handle, and measures 198 x 216 x 75 mm. No word on price or availability.

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