Valve cap with LCD shows tire pressure

image_34143_largeimagefile Valve cap with LCD shows tire pressureWith gas prices the way they are, everyone is always on the look out to save a few bucks when it comes to financing the daily commute. Regular oil changes and proper maintenance can go a long way in improving your car’s fuel economy, but one part of the equation that often goes ignored is the tire pressure found in the tires. A few PSI shy of the manufacturer’s suggested can cost you quite the pretty penny in gas costs, but it can be a hassle having to check it every week.

An ingenious solution has been invented by John Wrightson. His tire valve cap has a tiny LCD screen on it that displays the current tire pressure when a button is pressed. No need to pull out a gauge, no need to ensure the said gauge is getting the right fit. While the supplied picture shows it being used on a bicycle, I can’t see why the technology can’t be adapted to work with automotive tires. No word on when this will actually hit the market, but I say the sooner the better.

Michael Kwan

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