Samsung D900 is world’s thinnest slider, gets ok’d by FCC

Samsung D900 is world’s thinnest slider, gets ok’d by FCC


image_34365_largeimagefile Samsung D900 is world's thinnest slider, gets ok'd by FCCAnother day, another Samsung product being touted as the “world’s first” or “world’s thinnest.” Today, we turn to the SGH-D900, a phone that on the surface doesn’t strike you as particularly different from many of its Samsung-made brethren, until you turn it on its side and realize that it is the “world’s thinnest slider.”

Heck, for my sake, the D800 is thin enough already, but you know Samsung and how they like to push the limit. After all, they already have the world’s thinnest phone, a candybar, in the SGH-X820.

In any case, the D900 has even been given the go-ahead by the FCC, so while you may not be able to grab this phone from Catherine Zeta Jones and crew over at T Mobile anytime soon, you can always turn to the gray market and get it imported. Feature-wise, the Samsung SGH-D900 has got a QVGA display, 3.13 megapixel camera, 80MB of internal memory with microSD for expansion, and an integrated music player complete with A2DP Bluetooth support.

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