Opera launches eBay focused browser in Germany


image_34391_largeimagefile Opera launches eBay focused browser in GermanyIf you’ve used eBay more than once or twice, you know how easy it would be to become addicted to the marketplace. Well, thanks to a new partnership between Opera Software and eBay, you can feed your addiction even when you are out and about. In Germany, at least. The two companies are collaborating to produce a special version of Opera Mini which lets people bid and buy on their mobile phones. An eBay search field and bookmarks will be displayed on the browser’s start page.

Germany was chosen for this launch because, with 20 million users, it is the second biggest market for eBay after the U.S. This is not the first mobile application that makes using eBay on the go easier by any means, but its power is in the ease of access and its presence on the home page of the browser. If it is well received in Germany, you have to imagine it would expand quickly.

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