Nissan pulls cars from market after engines start on fire


image_34591_largeimagefile Nissan pulls cars from market after engines start on fireHere’s the car tip of the day – it’s a bad thing when your engine sets on fire. Nissan must agree, because they have warned their dealers to quit selling both the 2006 four-cylinder Nissan Altima and the Sentra SE-R. The engines in both cars have picked up the disturbing habit of starting on fire. So far 17 engine fires have been reported, and Nissan doesn’t know why. The two cars have also been swallowing up crazy amounts of oil for no apparent reason. More than 215 cars have had this problem as of yet. There has been one minor injury so far as a result of the two problems.

As many as 100,000 cars made between January and last month could be affected by the engine troubles. Nissan is unsure of how many of those cars have made it to the road. The company suggests that people with the cars check their oil every 700 miles.

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