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Prototype car runs 100 miles on four ounces of water as fuel

While his unique electrolysis process – working simply with water and electricity – was originally designed to work in welding factories as a replacement for acetylene torches, a whole new application has come to light from Denny Klein, who recently filed a patent on his solution. He has converted his 1994 Ford Escort to run either as a water-gas hybrid, or on water alone.

While the tip of the welder is cool to the touch, the water-powered torch can burn through charcoal and get tungsten to “light up like a sparkler.” But when it comes to powering a vehicle, this prototype could drive for 100 miles on only four ounces of water. Technically, the car isn’t running on water, because the H20 is converted to HHO gas. This is said to provide the “atomic power of hydrogen”, while maintaining the “chemical stability of water.”

He has already attracted the attention of an unnamed American automaker, and Klein has been invited to the Washington to demonstrate his technology, with word that he is now working on a water-gasoline hybrid Hummer for US military.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed, so it’s hard to say whether Mr. Klein’s invention is a) for real, b) actually usable or c) a complete hoax. For example, many have said that the energy required to convert H2O to HHO is greater than that produced when the HHO is burned.

Update 06/18/2008: Developed by Genepax in Japan, this commuter vehicle is able to travel at 80km/h for one hour on just a single litre of water. The concept is much the same as other fuel cell vehicles, except you don’t need to feed the car with straight hydrogen. Read More.



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  1. he better be carefull last got who tried that met an untimely demise

  2.  wow that was very helpful…

  3. I have heard a lot of things about it. that car runs on water but there
    might be a lot of consideration others to that. I don’t know exactly
    how it works but the idea is great and can be off good benefit if this 1
    would grow.

  4. Using this type of engine system, with an installation of a water filtration system, boats and submarines alike would never require the use of fossil fuels ever again. The u.s. military needs to jump on this ASAP before another country does.

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  6. Danny Klein is so clever:)

  7. the box your thinking in is your own prison

  8. To break the water into it’s components, we need to use voltage which is the electrical density with just a little amp. amp is actually the amount of electricity use.

    we can create high voltage from a very low amp by making voltage intensifier circuit, or if you don’t know hot to make a voltage intensifier circuit, u can make a voltage multiplier or an inverter.

    just be open minded

    remember great discoveries and invention started as blasphemy or contradiction to establish belief

    just try to make these thing because u don’t know that these invention actually works but you only close your eyes on it.

  9. well if you study electronics, you will learn that we can have 10’s of thousand of voltage from just less than 1 amp.

    by the way an amp is the electricity use while voltage is the density of electrons flowing.

    in breaking hydrogen and oxygen from the water, all we need is just voltage.

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  11. The prototype seems to be a light Japanese vehicle and I think this might be a problem: it’s one thing to power a light vehicle and completely another to make trucks or conversion vans more efficient with this type of engine. Since people are not the only “merchandise” been carried by a car we’re still going to need powerful engines.

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  21. a real inovation but need to be careful. thansk

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  23. a real inovation but need to be careful.

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