Superdock: Park your iPod, PSP, phone all in one place


image_34817_largeimagefile Superdock: Park your iPod, PSP, phone all in one placeNow here’s something that plays few favorites. With this docking station from iDea, you can recharge a whole host of your electronic devices all in the same place. They don’t fight each other for power; rather, they co-exist in a harmonious, continuous power-up cycle mode.

The ports are more numerous than you usually get in a docking station. You can park an iPod, a PSP, another MP3 player, and a mobile phone, all on this one docking station. Did I mention it’s wireless as well?

You can also get video and audio receivers, so that you can use the station not only as a power charger but also as a signal transmitter. Park your video iPod and watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show on a a bigger screen. Listen to your favorite digital tunes on your home stereo. You probably can’t hook up the PSP to a larger screen, but that’s not the point of PSP, anyway.

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