Honda unveils biofabric for use in green cars

image_34818_largeimagefile Honda unveils biofabric for use in green carsCar companies are all trying to prove how much they love Mother Earth with their new hybrids, but Honda is taking it a step further. They have announced a new fabric for the interiors of their vehicles which can stand up to the rigors of everyday abuse, but is made from plant fibers. Or mostly, anyway. A polyester material called PPT, or polypropylene terephthalate, made from 1-3DPO, or propanediol, which is derived from corn, and terephthalic acid, which is petroleum based. So it isn’t 100% completely green. Still, Honda claims that biofabric offsets the CO2 emissions created in its disposal because of the CO2 absorbed by the plants in the fabric as they are growing. That’s a bold claim and one that would be difficult to confirm, but it is certainly a compelling concept.

Honda didn’t provide specific details on when this fabric will appear, though they did throw in an intriguing teaser: the fabric will be used in an all-new fuel cell vehicle that will hit the market within three years.

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