Porsche amps up the 911 with the GT3 RS


image_34882_largeimagefile Porsche amps up the 911 with the GT3 RSPorsche 911 lovers have another new choice – the GT3 RS. It’s a road-legal sports car which clearly has the soul of a track car. It’s the GT3 for purists, and it takes what the GT3 offers and amps it up. The 3.6 liter engine in the GT3 kicks out 415 bhp. The RS uses a close ratio six speed transmission and a lighter body (by 20kg) to get more performance out of the same engine. It shaves 0.1 seconds off the 0 to 100 km/h time, clocking in at 4.2 seconds. It’ll hit 200 km/h in 13.3 seconds and tops out at 310 km/h.

Proof of its racer’s pedigree comes in the way of the carbon fiber composite bucket seats, six-point seatbelt and bolted roll cage. The car is available in Europe for now. Prices will vary by market, but in Germany, for example, it will cost just over $165,000. North American fans will be able to buy their own, too, starting in March of 2007.

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