Canon ditches film development


Here’s another one of those “it was only a matter of time” type of stories. Canon is well respected in the industry as a leader of photography equipment, both for the lowly consumer looking for an easy-to-use picture taker, and for the higher-end individual more concerned with being able to take the absolutely perfect shot. Well, the photography giant has just announced that they will no longer be developing any new compact or SLR film cameras, shifting their resources entirely over to digital products.

That’s not to say that you traditional film aficionados will have to do without film cameras from Canon altogether, because their current line will still be readily available and they will continue to manufacture and sell the models that they have already created. However, don’t expect any new film cameras from Canon ever again. As time goes on, they will slowly ramp down production, weaning you from your film addiction until you come to terms, and turn to the dark side known as digital photography.

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