Babble keeps your private conversations private


image_34921_largeimagefile Babble keeps your private conversations privateIf you’re in a cubicle (or anywhere else for that matter) and you don’t want your nosy neighbors to hear your phone conversation, then you should check out Babble. Developed by Sonare Technologies, the Babble is a box that lives on your desktop and connects to your phone. When you want to make a private call, you just press a button and you are in business. Your voice is multiplied and babbled through the system’s speakers. You apparently are not distracted by the streaming voice, but the people around you cannot make out your call. Instead, all they hear is the equivalent of a low-volume group conversation with words they can’t quite make out. The system comes with two speakers, and each speaker has 180 degrees of coverage.

The Babble is clearly for someone who values their privacy, because this type of privacy does not come cheap. The system costs $395.

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