Nokia releases Web Browser for S60 to open source community


Since its release, Web Browser for S60, the browser for use with phones and devices running the Symbian operating system, has been popular and well received. It’s ability to surf full pages as they are seen on a computer desktop instead of a mobile-specific page offers a wider range of uses. Today, Nokia has announced that they have released the source code for the S60 WebKit to the global open source software development community. Included in the release are mobility enhancements that make it easier to port the software to different mobile platforms. Nokia hopes that this move will help to reduce fragmentation in the next generation of mobile web browsers.

The software has been released by Nokia under the open source BSD License, a license with few limitations and few requirements which is, as a result, popular among developers of free software. Nokia has committed to working closely with the open source community to continue development of the product.

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