Office in a Bucket lets you take your office with you


image_35059_largeimagefile Office in a Bucket lets you take your office with youRemember WKRP in Cincinnati when Len Nessman tried to make himself an office using tape on the floor? He would have been in heaven if he had the Office in a Bucket. It’s a lightweight, coated rip stop nylon structure that you can literally carry around in a bucket. Whenever you want an office or a meeting space, you just have to plug it in and wait a few minutes for it to inflate. It comes in three sizes – 3m x 3m, 4m x 3m, and 5m x 4m. There is no door on the structure because of the complexity that would add. Instead, you just pull the structure open and closed as needed. That means that you have extra versatility in terms of the shape of the structure and the way that you use it.

The Office in a Bucket would be great for trade shows or working off-site, and I’m sure you could find a dozen other uses. It takes the concept of the mobile office to a whole new level.

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