Aston Martin to put Rapide concept into production


image_35127_largeimagefile Aston Martin to put Rapide concept into productionIt’s been a rumor for a few months now, but Aston Martin has confirmed that their Rapide concept car will be put into production. It is a high performance four door coupe which is based on the unique Aston Martin VH (for Vertical/Horizontal) architecture. The car features incredible attention to detail, including the swan wing doors which open at a 12 degree angle to the ground for easier accessibility (and a cool look, too).

Initial reports about the car were that they would produce about 3,000 per model, per year. That was based on reports leaked by a supplier source, but it’s not at all true. Instead, the company will be making just 300 to 500 per year. There has been no confirmed production date yet and pre-orders are not being taken. The only thing that Aston Martin is telling us is that the car will be on the market long before the Porsche Panamera. That car is due in 2009 or 2010, pointing towards a possible 2008 date for the Aston Martin.

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