U.S. State Dep’t cuts off Lenovo after spy paranoia theory


Like conspiracy theories? You’ll love this story. The U.S. State Department has pulled any computers made by Chinese company Lenovo from networks that provide access to information that is vital to national security. The fear is that the PCs could be used by the Chinese to spy on the US. Lenovo is predictably outraged. “We know that our computers present no security risk to the US government because we do not install back-doors or surveillance tools in our computers,” said a Lenovo spokesman. All of the PCs in question have been made in factories in North Carolina and Mexico that are in place from before Lenovo purchased the computer operations from IBM in 2005.

The concern seems to have come up a bit late. The state department ordered 16,000 computers from Lenovo earlier in the year. 900 of those computers were due to be hooked up to the networks in question.

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