H-racer hydrogen car fits in the palm of your hand


image_35342_largeimagefile H-racer hydrogen car fits in the palm of your handA sleek looking hydrogen car is hitting the market in June, and it doesn’t cost as much as you might think. Just $80, in fact. Waiting for the catch? The car can fit in the palm of your hand. The H-racer may be a toy, but what a toy it is. The hydrogen powered car even comes with its own hydrogen refueling station. The station starts with plain water and, powered by the sun via an included solar panel, separates the hydrogen. There is bubbling and flashing LED lights to make the fuel creation process exciting.

The car itself has an onboard hydrogen storage tank and a fuel cell attached to the electric motor. You don’t have to worry about your kid blowing the sandbox up when he is playing, the hydrogen tank is very small and harmless. Some basic assembly is required, but you don’t need to solder or anything scary.

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