LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive promises tight security


image_35452_largeimagefile LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive promises tight securityLaCie says that their new SAFE Mobile Hard Drive is impenetrable. It’s a bold claim, and one that people will surely try to disprove, but nevertheless, it is definitely a secure way to carry around your data. The drive has biometric access technology on the drive, so you can’t access it without a fingerprint. That’s nothing new or compelling, however. What makes the drive so secure is the encryption. Encryption for each drive is based on a 24 character pass phrase stored on the board. The pass phrase is unique to each drive, making it virtually impossible to crack.

The drive can be set up for up to 5 different users. Each user can be given different read and write privileges, allowing you to share some data while hiding other data. The drive is available in a 40GB model for $179.99 or a 120GB variety for $339.99.

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