Mio C810 PMP with DMB, GPS, and a bunch of other acronyms


image_35838_largeimagefile Mio C810 PMP with DMB, GPS, and a bunch of other acronymsThe details are still quite limited at this time – given that I can’t read Korean and my Babelnese is a little rusty – but here is yet another personal media player for you to drool over. PMPs aren’t big here in North America (yet), but they seem to be all the rage over in Korea where they are exclusively releasing the Mio C810.

From what I can gather, this PMP will take on your standard range of media formats, so you can peruse your photo album at will, jam away to your favourite tunes, or (most likely) catch up on some of the hottest videos and movies. If your own library isn’t up to snuff, you can also make use of the integrated DMB receiver to catch something floating through the airwaves. To add yet more functionality to this device, Mio has also thrown in GPS for good measure.

Look for this PMP with a 4.3-inch LCD and four-hour battery life at a retailer near you… that is, if you happen to be strolling through the streets of Seoul. No word on pricing.

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