Power-hungry gamers rejoice as Alienware releases two new SLI notebooks


image_35918_largeimagefile Power-hungry gamers rejoice as Alienware releases two new SLI notebooksJust because of that whole Alienware-Dell deal that happened some time back, you don’t need to go and cry about losing out on high-performance gaming notebooks. Alienware isn’t going anywhere, in fact, the computer giant is set to release two new SLI-enabled laptops, both of which are said to be rocking dual graphics cards to handle just about any demanding title you can throw at it (*cough* F.E.A.R. *cough*).

For starters, the mALX comes with an incredible 19-inch screen and a unique color-shifting paint job. You’ll rock Windows XP on the surface, and under the shell, you’ll be able to find an AMD Turion 64 processor, a pair of 256MB GeForce Go 7900 GTX graphics cards, up to 2GB worth of RAM, integrated Wi-Fi, a 4-in-1 card reader, and optional Bluetooth. As far as hard drives and optical drives, they leave a number of options for you to consider. The 17-inch m9700 comes with much the same feature set but in a smaller package and without the wicked exterior.

Look for the mALX to start around the $4500 range, whereas the more affordable m9700 is set to go for $2000 and up. Both are currently available for pre-orders.

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