Pink SLVR heading to a Mother’s Day gift box near you

Pink SLVR heading to a Mother’s Day gift box near you


image_35923_largeimagefile Pink SLVR heading to a Mother's Day gift box near youI’m starting to wonder if Motorola really has any innovative products up their sleeve anymore because while Samsung might be overusing the “world’s (fill in the blank) phone” tagline, the big M just seems to be releasing multicoloured versions of pre-existing handsets. Just in time for Mom’s Day, Cingular is set to unleash pink SLVR L7s on the unsuspecting public. Try not to trample over the teenage girls as you try to snatch one for your dear old mother.

The feature set remains completely unchanged from the regular L7, so you’ll still get the less than fantastic VGA camera for sub-par pictures on this super slim “candybar” phone. Yes, mom will be able to jam away to Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, or Pink (as the case may be) thanks to the iTunes support and the included 512MB microSD card.

At least Cingular isn’t charging a premium for this rosy little phone as the pink Motorola SLVR L7 goes for the same $199.99 as its black compatriot.

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